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●日時:2022年5月21日(土)14:00〜16:00  英語通訳付

●開催方法:オンラインZOOM開催(ZOOM OPEN 13:30~)

・開会の挨拶:山野内倫昭 司教(日本カトリック難民移住移動者委員会委員長)

・講演 旗手明さん(外国人技能実習生権利ネットワーク運営委員・自由人権協会理事)
「外国人労働者受入れ制度見直しの課題」〜 技能実習を含むローテーション政策の限界




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●お問い合わせ先  日本カトリック難民移住移動者委員会


Talitha Kum Japan Online Seminar 2022
The Issues of Technical Intern Training Program
and the New Acceptance System for Foreign Workers
~From the Movements to Review the Program and the Catholic Church’s Activities~

Since the latter half of the 1980’s, Japan has dealt with domestic labor shortage by accepting foreign workers as disposable “labor force” in the forms of overstayers, workers of Japanese descent and technical intern trainees. In particular, the “Technical Intern Training Program” has been criticized by international communities as a hotbed of trafficking and modern slavery system.

This year 2022 is a time to review the 5 year-period after the enactment of the Technical Intern Training Program Law, which aimed at improving the system in response to such criticism. On the other hand, the human rights violation continues under technical intern training system during the 5 years as well, and several voices calling for a fundamental review of the system have raised from various fields.

In this seminar, we will discuss the new acceptance system that Japanese society should aspire for, and consider how the Catholic Church can tackle the current situation of foreign workers.

Talitha Kum Japan Online Seminar 2022
May 21, 2022 (Sat.) 14:00~16:00 PM
Japanese/English interpretation available

Opening address:
Bp. Mario Michiaki Yamanouchi (Chairperson of the Catholic Commission of Japan for Migrants, Refugees and People on the Move)

The Issues of the Acceptance System for Foreign Workers
~ The Limit of the Rotation Policies including Technical Interns~
Mr. Akira Hatate (Committee member of the Advocacy Network for Foreign Trainees, Commissioner of the Japan Civil Liberties Union)

Case Reports:
Ms. Chizu Nishi (Committee for Migrants and Refugees of Sapporo Diocese)
Sr. Le Thi Lang (International Center, Catholic Diocese of Saitama)
Ms. Kazuko Ariyoshi (Committee for Migrants and Refugees of Fukuoka Diocese)

Closing address:
Sr. Filo Shizue Hirota (Chairperson of the Talitha Kum Japan)

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