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タリタクム日本 オンラインセミナー2022

タリタクム日本は、搾取や人権侵害にさらされている技能実習生のために、シェルターの提供や緊急援助費による支援などを、発足当初から行ってきました。また、2020年6月以降は、市民団体や労働組合と連携して「新型コロナ ベトナム人技能実習生ホットライン」を開催し、コロナ禍でさらに困窮し追い詰められている技能実習生を助けるために活動し続けています。公的な支援が不足する中、民間の連携が不可欠です。

●日時:2022年10月1日(土)14:00〜16:00  英語通訳付

●開催方法:オンラインZOOM開催(ZOOM OPEN 13:30~)


・講演 巣内尚子さん(東京学芸大学特任講師)

・支援者からの証言 シスター ダン ティ ジュン フォーン(アシジの聖フランシスコ宣教修道女会)

・講演 鳥井一平さん(移住者と連帯する全国ネットワーク代表理事)



●申込み 事前申し込みが必要です。こちらからお申込みください。



Talitha Kum Japan Online Seminar 2022

“Cooperate to Support Technical Intern Trainees
Toward the Abolition of the System”

Talitha Kum Japan since its organization has been providing shelters and emergency relief aids to technical intern trainees who have been exposed to exploitation and human rights abuses. In addition since June 2020, we have been carrying out the Vietnamese Technical Intern Trainees’ Covid-19 Hotline with civic society organization and workers’ unions, and we continue to assist technical intern trainees who are further impoverished and trapped due to Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst the shortage of official support, civic sector collaboration is essential.
Currently, we are receiving more consultations than we can remedy. The technical intern training system, which has been criticized by the international community as a hotbed of human trafficking and modern-day slavery must be abolished as soon as possible and a system for accepting foreign nationals that guarantees their rights as workers must be established.

Let’s reflect together on our continuous support to technical intern trainees and the promotion of cooperation, as well as the campaign for the abolition of the Program.

Online Seminar
Date/Time: October 1, 2022 (Sat) 14:00~16:00
English interpretation is available (Zoom open at 13:30)

1. Opening Address and Prayer: Sr. Filo Shizue Hirota (Chairperson of Talitha Kum Japan)
2. Lecture: Ms. Naoko Sunai (Associate Professor of Tokyo Gakugei University)
“Further Collaboration of Assistance: Report from Vietnamese Technical Intern Trainees’ Covid-19 Hotline”
3. Testimonies
Sr. Doan Thi Diem Huong S.F.M.A. (interpreter)
Vietnamese Technical Intern Trainee
4. Lecture: Mr. Ippei Torii (Secretary General of the Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan)
“Toward the Abolition of the Technical Intern Training Program”
5. Closing Address and Prayer: Bp. Mario Michiaki Yamanouchi (Chairperson of the Catholic Commission of Japan for Migrants, Refugees and People on the Move)

For registration, please use this Link. Zoom link will be sent via e-mail.

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